Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paper Dolls!

My local art swap group had a paper doll swap his month.  I wanted to do something fun and cute for my dolls, so  I borrowed Saundra's paisley cartridge for the cricut, and cut out a few sets of super cute Russian Stacking Dolls.   My camera's batteries died, so I didn't get a chance to snap any pics before I swapped those out.  I will try to get some pictures from the ladies I swapped them with.  If I can't manage that, I will just have to make some more!
I signed up for two different sets of dolls.  The second set of dolls I made some extras for Estella, so I had them to take photos after my camera's batteries were finally recharged.  I got the idea for the Kitty Kat Dolls from an art exhibit I saw online.  Now, I have never ever claimed to be an artiste of any caliber, so please keep that in mind.  I started out by hand-drawing the cat shapes I wanted to use.

It didn't even occur to me at the time that I was drawing the rough draft, that I might not want to use bright orange cardstock!

Thankfully, the girls at Scrapper's Edge worked their magic and made me some usable copies to work with:

So this is what I ended up with.  Then I had Amy copy these images to the right onto some cute patterned paper from an old Christmas DCWV stack that I had in my paper stash.  This was my cheater way of having all of the features I wanted on the patterned paper without having to hand-draw each one over.

The quality of my picture here doesn't really give the colors justice.  Once I had all of my copies, I cute them out and assembled them with tiny silver brads at the joints.  They are fully jointed except for the heads.  I secured their heads with a pop dot-square.  This gave a little depth, and then to finish them off I hung tiny bells around their necks with some brightly colored string.

These are the finished products.  Minus their "collars".  Thanks so much for looking!  You can he head over to the North Coast Art Swaps yahoo group to see the dolls everyone else made for the swap.