Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back in The Saddle Again...

I have been absent from almost all things paper related since around Christmas time 2011. I finally decided to turn in some of the (too) many hats that I wore at once, and reclaim some ME time. Time to be creative and to create and to just play with some of my neglected supplies and catch up with some of my crafty friends. So, I spent a MUCH needed afternoon locked away in the scrapbook room of my good friend, Carol and created a few (12) pages for my scrap books. I would like to share a couple of those with you here. Now Carol is constantly giving me grief over scrapping without photos. See, she starts all of her pages with her pictures first and she just can't see me creating a page, let alone a dozen pages without a single hard copy of a photo. Well, I do that most of the time I scrap. I do this for a couple reasons. The biggest being that I am a procrastinator and a total shutterbug, so I have thousands (literally) of photos from everyday life and outings with my family. I like to start most of my pages with an inspirational page I have seen online or in a magazine, or I love to use a page map, and I have even gotten Carol to delve into the wonderful world of Becky Fleck. So when I start a page or a project I usually have an idea of the event that that I want to scrap about, and once I figure out how many pictures I need for the layout or layouts, I can just go into my Flickr account and order the prints that way and not print images that I do not need at that time. I like this method of scrapping also because I often like to use a variety of image sizes on my layouts. I order about 100 prints at a time from Walgreen's online and have them shipped to me so I can get the nice matte finish they use, and I can usually get them for about 6 cents a photo or less if they have a 50 free prints deal going! I just got 55 prints from Walgreen's for Easter and paid 37 cents to pick them up in the store. Well worth it!
I saw a layout similar to this in a scrapbook trends magazine. I love the layout and the look, so I used some leftovers from an old kit I had in my stash and this is what I came up with. I n3eed to work on my journaling. I'm thinking of a things we did this Summer bulleted list. Might type up the journaling on some strips of paper and add those along the left side near the number column.
Here is a detail shot of the sun I cut out and the yellow border there, I ran that through my crimper to give it some texture. I love that corrugated look. I also broke out the Tim Holtz tiny attatcher. I love that thing! I use it as much as possible.
Here is a mini collage of stickers and border pieces. I even have a rubber button with a couple mini brads threaded through the button holes. I love the chunkiness this adds to the the page. I have been seeing these little clusters of patterned strips and embellishments in a lot of different projects online and in print recently.
Here is a peek at the detail at the bottom of the page. I have my areas for my pictures all mapped out and traced out with pencil. When my prints arrive in the mail, I can just trim down the pictures and glue them to my page. These pictures have some fuzziness to them. I used the still shot capture feature on my new video camera that I bough to use at Estella's gymnastics practices. I will probably upload improved images once I drag out my camera and get some daylight to get some better images. Who knows, I may even have my pictures added to my layout by then! Keep an eye out for an edit. Thanks so much for stopping by!