Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!!!

 I can not believe that Valentine's Day is just aroud the corner!  I am gearing up for all of the cuteness of the holiday with Estella's class.  I can just imagine all of the cute little valentines she will be bringing home.  I got the idea and .cut file for the following valentine's from the talented  Saundra.  These cuties are the focus of this month's Pixie Stick class she teaches at Scrapper's Edge.  I figured they were SO cute that I would make them for Estella to take to school.  I am planning on putting chocolate chip granola bars in them, to please the kids, and the principal who frowns upon overly sweet snacks.

 I saw these awesome Teacher's treats, and decided to make my  own version for Estella's teacher and coaches.  I want to add a few kinds of valentine themed ribbons tied to the handles instead of the simple satin ribbon.  I will be sure to post photos when I have them all done.

I already have started collecting all of the items to make these.  I have some fortune cookies that I am going to dip in melted white chocolate and decorate with a variety of valentines sprinkles.  I hope everyone likes them!