Saturday, November 27, 2010

Plants vs. Zombies and No STUPID son-in-laws for me...

Every day I am amazed by how Estella's mind works and how she expresses herself.  I have never had a boring conversation with my daughter.  Below, is a recent exchange that was just too good to keep to myself.

Estella comes into my room earlier today, as I am playing the super-addictive and fun "Plants vs. Zombies" game on the xbox 360.  "Are you playing Lance versus the Zombies?"  Estella asks me.  No.  I explain to her that it is PLANTS versus Zombies and there is no Lance that I know of.  So Estella ponders this news for a moment before she tells me: "I had a pretend zombie boyfriend named Lance." to which I say "Really...?"  She says "Yes.  But he was stupid so I got rid of him.  He met some stupid zombie girl. They got married I think.  Then they had a bunch of stupid zombie babies.  This many stupid zombie babies.  (she holds her arms very wide)  Isn't that stupid?"  she asks.

So this was just another average every day conversation involving Estella and her vivid imagination and over usage of the word "stupid" (my least favorite product of kindergarten) and I can't help but think how she will grow up to be such a smart and interesting little person...maybe she will develop her own zombie soap opera some day?