Thursday, August 9, 2012

Something Sweet Challenge

My friend, and fellow crafty lady Amy is having a sweet challenge on her bog, and so SaunJune and I got together for some inky goodness at her place and made cards for Amy's challenge! It was nice to get my fingers inky and I love the Neon too. The color scheme certainly woke us up a bit. You can check out Amy's blog HERE and make a card to enter if you like. You have until tomorrow! And you can check out what Saundra made for the challenge HERE. Take a peek and leave them some bloggy love! Thanks!


  1. Your card is awesome, Raven! And I love the design of your blog!

    1. Aaaw! Thank you Natalie. Your blog is pretty darn cute, too! There are so many options, it's tough to stick to one.