Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Tree Page in progress...

I  am terrible about making layouts and not adding my photos.  I know!  Some people can not even begin to scrap without having their photos in hand.  I have a good memory and I can create a layout with the photos I intend to use in mind.  I have even scrapped a layout before I have taken photos, and then staged the photos so they coordinate the layout.  Am I the only person (wierd-o) who does this?

In December, Nick's grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!  What an amazing milestone, indeed.  So I had the idea to have all of their children (spouses included), grandchildren, and great-grandchild get together and have a family portrait shot with the grandparents.  Grandma was thrilled!  Grandpa does what grandma says, so it went off well.  Now we all have these amazing family portraits for our homes.  Well, I scrapped this layout with the intention of adding a cut-up version of the family portrait to it.
I was thrilled when I realized that this family tree printed paper had the exact number of spaces for photos that I need to put everyone on the page.  How cool is that?  Now, all I have to do is print out an 8x10 copy of our portrait and start cutting it up.  I have not decided whether I should print the photos in color, black and white, or sepia tones.  Any thoughts?

Here are a couple detail shots to show off some of the buttons and patterned papers and textured card-stock I used.  You can see also, where I have penciled in the names of the family members who's photos will go in what places.  This was fun and easy to do.  I will post a finished product when I add my photos.


  1. i love that. you are so good at scrapping without pics on hand. i never could get my pic to print up the right size. keep the scrap n show's coming!

  2. I am that person that must have pictures in hand to scrap. The layouts I have done without photos still don't have photos! ha And probably will never have photos! lol
    The family tree is a great idea. I vote sepia tone photos...(random, I know)
    Thanks for the kind words on my blog today and for the sweet words on the Crafter's Companion Challenge blog too. I had fun reading them. Stacy H-W

  3. How did I miss this layout...This is soo cool! We need to get together and help me make one for my family too! :)

  4. Wow, this is amazing and would look phenomenal with photos on it!

  5. I see, this answers my earlier question! AMAZING layout on this, I love it! I think sepia would also work well with the colors on the page being more cool tones, it would add warmth. It will be gorgeous (or probably already is--I'm sure it's finished by now!) :)